About WYAO

The Westlake Bulldogs Youth Association is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization committed to the athletic and academic improvement of our children. We have served our community for 20 years with top quality youth tackle football and cheerleading for ages 5-15 and recognized as “a premier program” in the state of Maryland.  Our goal is to develop tomorrow’s leaders by emphasizing the three principles of our organization PERSEVERANCE, PRIDE and PASSION! We do this by emphasizing teamwork, integrity and confidence. Our coaches have many years of youth football and cheerleading experience. Your child is sure to have a great time making new friends, while learning football and cheerleading! and many great qualities which will assure a successful scholastic, intellectual, and social future.


Our Mission
With a strong emphasis on quality over quantity we strive to advance the intellectual and social condition of the youth, through the creation, translation and dissemination of knowledge and wisdom. We use athletics as a vehicle to open doors and enhance futures for young men and women.


Our Beliefs
We strongly believe that giving back and helping others will foster an increased sense of social responsibility in our young men and women. When one see’s that their contributions have actually helped others, they will feel an overwhelming sense of pride.


Our Outreach
WYAO recognizes the importance of student athletes giving back to the community. Beginning in 2016 we will prepare to hold clothing, food and toy drives; we also will feed the homeless. Besides athletics, our programs goal is to help our youth develop lifelong communication and interpersonal skills.